Internship: Day 7, 10/24/05

Nice, relatively relaxed day, but I felt really fuzzy for most of it. Maybe it was just the overcast weather, I don’t know. I was responsible for all of the cold appetizers today, and I think I did okay. I’m getting more of a grasp of the dishes, but I still don’t have much of a flow on the line as far as timing goes. T still pretty much has to orchestrate and let me know when I should do what. He’s also started teaching me how to set up before service. Again, it’s a lot of information and I’m not sure how I’ll ever get it straight.

A previous intern from the CIA came in for lunch, and a lot of effort was put into making special dishes for him. It was fun to watch the Sous Chef dress up the dishes. A food writer was also in, and that caused a little bit of commotion. He came and complemented the staff on a job well done, though, so a good impression must have been made.

After service I helped with the pig-picking and patty-making for a party. I actually watched D butcher the pig last Wednesday. It was pretty freaky watching him cut the head off, and then having a little pig face staring up at me from the table while I worked. It looked like it was smiling. I kept thinking of Babe. Oddly, I like butchering—I like participating in the food preparation as early in the process as possible (although I don’t know if I would be able to kill an animal). That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s comfortable—I just like having the knowledge.