I'm Baaaaack!

If a blog is resurrected in the blogosphere and there is nobody around to read it, does it make any impact?

No, but that's okay.

After a long hiatus and some pretty significant life changes, I am returning to this blog. Shortly after I finished my internship, the restaurant that my boyfriend had worked at for 10 years burned down. Since he was earning the bread while I was learning to make it, I decided to return to professional life.

I've been a graphic designer for over 10 years. I enjoy it, but I was finding the world of cubicles less than fulfilling. Thus the temporary foray into the culinary world. If I were 10 years younger (I'll be 34 in less than a month) or significantly less in debt, I would probably spend some more time working in restaurants. The amount I learned during my very short internship was phenomenal. But it would take me a long time to earn any real money—or perhaps I should say the amount of money to support the lifestyle that I am now accustomed to—so it's just not going to be practical.

So what's a girl to do? For the time being, I'm working at a tiny little design firm in the South Loop of Chicago and I'm actually quite happy with it. The work itself is not much more exciting than what I was doing previously, but I have a lot more responsibility and autonomy, and the atmosphere fits my personality much more than a stereotypical office. My boss plays industrial music all day (that's a good thing), and I'm able to listen to podcasts (or whatever else, but it's generally podcasts) on my own iPod while I work, and that makes me very, very happy.

I plan to feed my culinary longings with this blog, and perhaps my own podcast sometime in the future. I'm not sure yet exactly what I want this blog to be—recipes of course, but maybe some food history, some geeky coverage of physics food, gadgets, restaurants? Since I currently have no readership, it's pretty much all about me, but hopefully that will change and the blog will evolve with feedback. Right now, it's all about the doing and I'll just see where it goes.

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