Happy Birthday to Me!

Birthday 2007

My 34th birthday was last Friday, March 9th. A friend of mine, Tarik Dozier, who I haven't heard from in a while or seen in years, sent me the following birthday wish:

"Little colorful candles, clearly enough, are the canonical birthday cake topper. So much so, in fact, that any food you put them in automatically becomes a birthday food. Candles in a fruit torte? Birthday torte! Candles in a potato-leek quiche? Birthday quiche! Candles in the partially-decomposed body of a hobo who died of exposure and heart disease? Birthday hobo! And remember, blow out every candle on the hobo or you don't get your wish!" –Lore Sjoberg

I love the quote, and as it was completely unexpected to receive a birthday message from Tarik, it was extra-special.

I spent my birthday with my mom and stepdad in Ohio and just drove home today, so I'm quite tired. A posting frenzy should follow tomorrow...

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