At work, we are encouraged to bring in inspiring creative to share with the company. The other day, our Creative Director passed around an infographic from the Daily Infographic: 'How Color Affects Our Purchases'. Pretty interesting, especially from a marketing/design perspective. I took a look through the site and was also drawn to 'Bloody Mess: How Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Works', because I like the bold red, white and black graphics, and because it reminds me of Dexter. Also, I really liked 'National Ice Cream Day! How Healthy is Your Ice Cream?', mostly because it's about ice cream (and it looks nice, too).

Infographics seem to be trendy right now, so I've seen a lot of good ones popping up around the internet. But the one below, the 'Many Memes of Modern Life', is the first video infographic that I've seen and I think it's pretty neat. Plus, it's about memes (although it doesn't include my favorite meme, Nyan Cat).