One More iPhone App: Photovine

+Ryan Ozawa just wrote an article about a new iPhone photo app and I thought I'd add it as an addendum to my previous post. The new app is called Photovine, and it's a social photo app with a gamification layer added in. Users create "vines," which are photo streams centered around a specific subject. You can follow individual people, and watch specific vines as well. I don't like that you can't edit or add effects to the photos as with Instagram, but the social gaming aspect has addiction potential.

My photo contribution to the 'Pets' vine

Oddly enough, the app is by Google. I'm not sure why they released it on the iPhone first rather than on Android, but it should be on both platforms soon. My biggest complaint about Instagram is that it's iPhone-only. I agree with Ryan that if Photovine adds in filters and supports both mobile platforms, it could give Instagram (and other related photo apps) some serious competition.

Read more about Photovine at the original post on Also, if you're a social media early adopter and want to keep up with the lastest networks and apps, follow Ryan. He's one of my prime sources for what's new, and the first person I look for on any new social network I sign up for (he's always there), so thanks Ryan!