Got Klout?

I know that people have mixed feelings about Klout, but if you work in the social media sphere, you should probably be paying attention to your score. If you're looking for a job that involves a social media component, it might be useful to include your Klout score on your resume. Since I needed to recreate my Klout score for a project I'm working on, I thought I'd offer the vector file as a resource for anyone who might need one.

Download the file here:

If you don't know how to use Illustrator, I've created a Fiverr for anyone who'd like me to make an icon for them. I created this mostly because I wanted to experiment with Fiverr, but I wanted to choose something easy and low-demand.

Another resource that I've found invaluable in creating social media related designs are these vector social media icons available at the Icon Dock. They make updates as new services become popular, and there's even a recent addition for Google+. I hope you find these as handy as I have!