Lettuce Keep Your Money Safe?

Iceberg Lettuce Safe
photo: Bim Bam Banana

By way of the Gadgettes Fashion Episode, it's the Iceberg Lettuce Safe! Why? Who knows. Perhaps it's in honor of lettuce being Finland's 2007 Vegetable of the Year? Maybe it's because the Wedge Salad experienced a brief burst of retro trend comeback a while back (although I'm pretty sure that's over now). Or perhaps they are aspiring to make the crisper the new freezer. At any rate, I suppose it does make sense that if someone were robbing your house, the last place they'd be looking for anything is in your veggie drawer.

The Gadgettes also covered my post on the skull toaster (the fascination hasn't worn off, so I may have to actually order one). Show notes aren't available yet, but I'll post the link when they are.