Corona-Matic Keyboard Waffle Iron

Corona Matic Keyboard Waffle Iron

Photo Credit: Chris Dimino via Laughing Squid

Finally! A keyboard that I don't have to worry about getting sticky! The problem, presented by the School of Visual Arts in NYC: "Take this now useless item [a typewriter] and give it a new life." To the apparent joy of geeks everywhere, one of Chris Dimino's solutions was to create the Corona-Matic, a keyboard waffle iron (you should check out his other designs, too—my 2nd favorite is the urn). I originally heard about this on the Gadgette's 'Things We Want' episode, but it's been featured on many of the online gadget guides. I wonder if Chris expected to generate all this excitement? The story is currently working it's way up on Digg, so if you have a Digg account, contribute! Spread the word! I'd love to see this get made into an actual product. I don't have a waffle iron, but this would absolutely be my excuse to get one!