Improving your handwriting, and maybe your drawing, too...

Guest post by Ben Nunez.

I've recently been trying to experiment with drawing directly into the computer using a Wacom tablet, and while the results have been decent I'm still not completely sold on the idea; there's just something about the "texture" of drawing on a tablet compared to pen on paper that I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around.

At any rate, in my travails I found myself considering not just style but the actual mechanics of the way I draw, and it occured to me that I draw with my fingers and not with my whole hand/arm; I've found through experimentation that using my whole arm in drawing provides a steadier line quality. And this is something I've heard before, maybe in a painting class, but it was never anything I really took to heart until just recently.

So it was an interesting coincidence that I just happened to stumble on this article on about improving your handwriting, and the advice given is essentially the same thing: write with your arm, using your fingers as more of a guide for your line. Works pretty good for drawing, too.