Cool Illustration: Adobe Jester

I'm currently cleaning out my email inbox in an attempt to get more organized, Getting Things Done-style, and I came across an old email from Adobe advertising the release of CS3. I saved it because I really liked the Jester illustration. It's slightly creepy, and I'm not sure exactly what it's saying about CS3 (if you buy CS3, you can make really creepy-cool jester illustrations, too?) but I think it's neat. Action complete, email deleted!

Also, speaking of GTD, I downloaded the application iGTD today after Chris Brogan recommended it via Twitter. I had looked at it before, but because I've been using Remember the Milk as my to-do organizer, I really didn't investigate further. But I tend to use RTM for more immediate to-do items, and am going to give iGTD a try for my long-term projects. I certainly have enough of them to experiment with!