Cartoon Geekery

I've never drawn a cartoon, but the idea for this one popped into my head and since I'm attempting a return to illustration, I thought I'd see if I could put it onto paper. I don't know that it's a successful cartoon, and it was hard to achieve any real line variation without a Wacom tablet, but I'm really just happy to have drawn something.

Since the cartoon itself is probably as obsure as Hillary Clinton's asbestos joke, I'll explain. I generally only listen to podcasts—my 60G video iPod is filled with audiobooks, podcasts both audio and video, but no music. Having forgotten my iPod on a recent trip to the gym, I turned to my iPhone, which only has music on it. I was very happily listening to Boten Anna by Basshunter, a high energy Swedish group that I heard about on Net@Nite, and realizing how much I miss music, when it hit me that this happens every time I listen to music. Yet I always return to the habit of listening to podcasts because, as is often the case in this information-obsessed world, I might miss something. Like one of Merlin's Mannerisms. It's a completely frivolous technological conundrum.

If you're more interested in creating cartoons than illustrating them, you might want to check out a fun little site called Toon Doo.

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