A Really Goode Job

For those of you that don't know, I've been working on and have just submitted an application video for Murphy Goode Winery's A Really Goode Job. Basically, they're hiring someone to handle their social media for six months, and in exchange that person gets to live on the winery and learn about winemaking while telling the world about it. It's, obviously, an amazing opportunity and while I don't expect to win, I couldn't help but try. I love the job I have -- and I'm not trying to leave it -- but being able to live on a winery and immerse myself in oenology for half a year would be like a dream! Also, since social media has become part of my job at work (I'm part of the committee that advises on social media strategy for our clients), it would be great work exerience as well!

So keep an eye on this space. As soon as my video goes live, I'll be asking for your vote!