Tea Houses of Ohio: Magnolia Manor

Every year for my birthday, I visit my mom in Akron, OH. As part of a celebratory weekend, we usually try out a new tea house. This year, we went to a Lavender Tea at Magnolia Manor, a Victorian-style home in New Philadelphia, OH that also functions as a Bed and Breakfast and Tea House. I love floral flavors, and lavender in particular, so I was really excited to try it out.

We had a great time. The tea was wonderful, and stretched out over the afternoon with plenty of rest time between courses. The owner of the house and her family who helped to serve the tea were very nice, and the whole experience was languorous, relaxing and extremely filling -- we took most of the dessert course home.

1st Course
White Corn & Lavender Soup
Salad w/ Creamy Lavender Poppy Seed or Lavender Vinaigrette Dressing
Baked Brie w/ Lavender Jelly


2nd Course
Lavender Scones w/ Lavender Jelly & Devon Cream

3rd Course
Finger Sandwich w/ Avocado Spread, Turkey and Lavender Chutney
Pimento Cheese Sandwich w/ Sweet Lavender Cream
Calla Lilly Sandwich w/ Lavender Filling

4th Course
Lavender Swedish Cream
Lavender Baby Bundt Cakes

Pear Lavender Coffee Cakes w/ Lavender Crunch Topping
White Chocolate & Lavender Battenburgs
Mini Cheesecakes w/ Lavender Syrup

Lavender Tea
Cherry Almond Tea
Lavender Spritzer
Citrus Pear Iced Tea

Magnolia Manor
467 E High Ave., New Philadephia, OH 44663
(330) 364-9275 / (330) 204-2477