Happy New Year: 2014 is GO!

I usually post my resolutions around the New Year, but it looks like I never got around to it in 2013. That's funny, because I think it might be the first time I actually acomplished them. The past few years I've set three, with the first being my theme and primary goal for the year. Last year's top resolution was weight loss -- specifically fitting back into everything in my closet before our Savannah vacation in May. I actually ended up going beyond that and ended up with a new wardrobe and a running habit (I discovered how much I love running outside). So far I'm maintaining well, although my eating habits could still use some fine tuning.

The second goal was to become an Adobe Certified Expert in Print. It's something I've wanted to do for years but never really got around to, and while I did procrastinate until the end of the year, I got it done. I am now Certified in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat CS6. I'm not sure what this gets me, really, but I now know a lot more about these programs than I did and feel like I established a bit of a study habit, which is something I really need.

The third goal was to draw more, and that one really didn't get done but I knew that was what this year would be for.

I also turned 40 in 2013. I think the midlife crisis actually happened around 39, when I got all angsty over my choice to become a designer instead of an illustrator and feeling like an utter failure because I'm not an artist and blah, blah, blah. At least I hope that was the midlife crisis because seriously, I'd like to be done with the whining about things I can't change now. However, one of the reasons I was so serious about getting the first two resolutions done last year, goals that had been around for years, was so that I could get them out of the way and concentrate on the third in 2014. My primary resolution this year is to draw. Fitness was my entire focus for the first half of 2013 (I started the years with 60 days straight of gym time and a ban on sugar and alcohol), and during the second half my entire focus was studying Adobe software. Now my entire focus is going to be drawing. Every day. Doesn't matter what it is. Doesn't matter if it's awful. Just draw. I start a Figure Drawing class on Sunday, and I plan to be a regular at a couple of local figure drawing sessions. No more whining, I'm just going to DO. I started New Year's Eve, and two days in, so far so good.

The second goal for 2014 is to maintain (or improve, but at least maintain) my fitness level. I'll work on the eating habits, I'll try and gain a little more muscle, but as long I'm basically in the same place next New Year's Day, that will be okay.

The third goal is to improve my Web Design knowledge. Now that I'm back to Print at work instead of Digital, I'll have to keep up the Digital knowledge on my own (and I already feel out of date again). I'd like to learn Wordpress, get better at CSS, feel like I could do some coding on my own if I need to. It's not really neccessary for my job right now, but it's where design is going so I feel like I should keep up with it.

2013 was an amazing year. I feel like I took what could have been a depressing milestone and turned it into a new beginning. I am so ready for 2014, and for my next decade. I think it's all going to be fabulous!


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