Geek Treats

Forget Cantu and his flavored edible papers—an iPhone cake is true geek food. And I love that Engadget held a cake contest. If they do it again, I'm in!

As for Cantu, I'm both fascinated and exasperated by the whole physics food trend. The fact that he sites his inspiration as "USB cables and personal computers" gives my nerdy little heart warm fuzzies, but I'm simultaneously rolling my eyes. Maybe it's because Moto is here in Chicago, but I feel that the whole concept of printing a picture of a food on a little piece of paper that tastes like the food has now been overdone. It's cute, and it was interesting when it was new, but I find it frustrating when the gimmicks win out. "We thought it would be a pure-traditional vs. way-modern matchup, but Morimoto did end up pulling out some liquid nitrogen himself." Okay, but why should he have to?

That said, I'm planning on commissioning a cake that incorporates edible photos for a food photography exhibit, so how hypocritical am I? I'll post more on the cake concept as it develops.

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