My vision for this blog is to create a small community of creatives to share information and resources. In theory, a small core group will post design-related news and inspiration as well as their own work for review or just for show. For those in the Chicago area, I also plan to have real world get-togethers to talk shop.

This concept is most definitely an experiment. I have no idea if it will work. At the very least, I hope to post regularly and create an online resource of creative news and ideas, as well as chart of my own personal development. Over the remainder of this year I'm hoping to bring my design knowledge, skill and portfolio up a couple of notches. I find that blogging helps me keep my motivation and focus up, and it's always nice to be able to share what I learn.

If you would like posting privileges, email me and let me know. All creative types, not just designers, are welcome.

I've also created a Yahoo Group for conversation and a Twitter account for announcements to complement this blog. Feel free to sign up for either, both or neither.