Business Card Design

Photo Credit: creativebits

While browsing Jaiku, I happened to see a post by Ben Gold that listed Kevin Rose's TumBlog, which posted a link to this post on Cool Business Card Designs (I think I'm having a meta moment).

There's some neat stuff. I'm not sure how I feel about nonstandard sizes and cards with stuff attached. I feel like a business card should be cool, but that it should also fit into a wallet or card holder. Although these days, I have a tendency to add the information to my address book and toss the card unless it's worthy of keeping as a sample, so maybe that's not really relevant.

This was timely find for me because I need to start designing my personal card very soon. I don't plan to start looking for clients until next year, but I'd like to start designing identity now.

There was also a nifty Yoda quote among the comments: "Try not, Do! or do not, there is no try." as well as a link to Steve Wozniak's business card (apparently he uses it as a steak knife).