Root:1 Wine Design

I've suddenly started receiving a lot of promotional emails about Chilean wines, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to say how much I like the overall design aesthetic of Root: 1, a Chilean wine producer. Many new world wines put a lot of thought into their packaging to appeal to American consumers, who are much more likely to make choices based on visual appeal and/or familiarity rather than varietals and geography. The bottles I've come across from Root:1 are just lovely, and I'm impressed with their web site as well. Interestingly, and indicative of the importance placed on design, they have a section where you can view and download their POS and packaging materials.

Also, if you're into wine, there is a 90 point Root:1 Cabernet available at (and most likely at any decent wine merchant) for $10.79. Well designed and a good deal to boot!