iPhone Photo Apps

Camera+ Photo: Tiny Town of Kotor, Montenegro by  Oleg Lutsenko

I have a little Canon point-and-shoot camera. I even have an old Nikon 990 that's a pretty decent digital camera (if only I knew how to really use it...). But usually, all I have is my iPhone. So when I came across Lisa Bettany's post, 25 Amazing Camera+ Photos, I realized just how powerful my little mobile phone could be.

Camera+ is one of my favorite photo apps. I'm not a photographer, and I'm using the lesser camera on the iPhone 3GS, so the photos I take aren't anywhere near this good. It amazes me, though, that a camera on my phone could have this much potential.

Instagram Photo: A House in Bath by MikeUs

Another one of my favorite photo apps is Instagram. Mashable posted this article last month: Meet the Top 15 Photographers on Instagram. There are some amazing photographers on this list, and the first one, MikeUS, is one of my favorites. I originally thought he must be uploading photos taken with a higher end camera, but the only thing he uses in addition to Instagram is TiltShiftGen. He lives in Bath, and is also an incredible designer.

Another favorite of mine that isn't on the Mashable list is bitsnbobs. He's also a great designer.

Combo Camera+ and Instagram Photo: Baha'i Temple by me

I use a combo of Camera+ and Instagram all the time. Again, I'm not a photographer but occasionally I get something that turns out pretty nifty. Both apps have social sharing built in but I tend to share via Instragram, probably because it was the first social photo app that I used.

Combo Instagram and Diptic Photo: "May". Assemblage Sculpture by Paul Moschell

Another effect app that I see used a lot in conjunction with Instagram is Diptic, which lets you combine multiple photos into one. At least I assume they're using Diptic, as it was the only app I found that created this effect.

There are lots and lots of other apps out there. A couple that get consistent raves are ProCamera and Hipstamatic. If you want to explore furthere, take a look at these photo app lists at and

Happy shooting!